Prayer Request

    Every day the team of R.I.S.E. & Stand is asked to prayer for various people and issues. We believe in the power of prayer! The team decided to add a prayer list to the website. Anyone can submit a prayer request. We will post the request to this page for all our supporters to pray. Please share the list and check back weekly for new request.

    Urgent Prayer Request

    Please say a prayer for my very good friend Melanie, she has been battling cancer for several years and has just finished another round of chemo and radiation, she received good news, tumor has shrunk but is struggling with anemia and low white count blood work, so is weak and tires easily. She has had 2 transfusions and has migraines and food allergies on top of everything else. She is the strongest person I know and has the best heart of anyone I know … please pray that God gives her/me a miracle and lets me have her in my life for a much longer time to come and gives her the gift of cancer free health. -Belina

    The Family of Carla Jamerson –teen that committed suicide.

    Lisa Pellegrene’s rottie shelter.

    The Family of Lamar Hawkins – teen that committed suicide.

    The Family of Ashlyn Haffner – teen that committed suicide.

    American soldiers & veterans

    Please pray for my friend Tyler he lost his mom a year ago due to her being really sick anyway he is only 12 so its really hard so please pray for him!!- Janelle

    The McNeeley Family- Loss of Son in the Navy.


    Submit A Prayer Request

    *Private prayer request will be viewed only by our team and we will prayer for them discreetly. Thank you.

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