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    R.I.S.E. & STAND (hereinafter “Rise”) is a new, Christian based organization that has recently received a 501(c)3 nonprofit status. It is rapidly growing. Our goal is to make an all around better world by giving financial, emotional, medical, and personal support to people and animals everywhere. We have several different programs backed up with amazing hard working team members and volunteers aiming to end human trafficking, bullying, hunger, racism, rape, domestic abuse, animal cruelty, and other types of important worldwide issues.

    What kind of work does R.I.S.E. & STAND do? We do a lot more than just raise awareness online and blog. Our team works hard every day so we want to share with you exactly what we do.

    • Raise funds for our programs so the team can go out and make a successful impact globally.

    The “I’m Priceless” program helps innocent women and children escape human trafficking & sex trafficking rings. We help give them a second chance by providing education, therapy, clothing, shelter and more.

    The “Why Bully?” program is stocked with a team of mentors ready to answer a phone call or email from someone in need of support and love. We are willing to be the friend that is there for the person who believes they are all alone. We also do public speaking, visit schools, and have classes to help kids cope and learn how bullying effects people forever. We have several techniques and unique ways to help the children and teens fight bullying.

    Our “Ban Labels” program is all about awareness and education. We work hard to reach the online community and get them to stand against judgment, hate, stereotyping, racism and other forms of cruelty due to labeling. We find in our research that the main reason children, teens, and even adults label others is because of lack of education and understanding.

    The “Love Is Family” program is all about stopping child abuse and domestic violence. The system cannot protect everyone and unfortunately has lost the trust of the people. Women do not want to call Children and Families service or similar services when they are abused. Especially, if children are involved, for fear they will lose their babies or just anger their abuser even more. We help coach them, find safe housing, and alert the authorities for them AFTER they have made all the proper steps. We currently have over 11 safe houses around the US we work with.

    Our “Innocent Souls” program is focused on ending animal cruelty and helping all animals in need. We fight for stronger laws, we raise awareness, and we shelter lost and stray pets. Our team works hard to find these pets a loving home. Through petitions and funding, we help get justice for animals that cannot fight for themselves.

    Other important actions & duties of a Rise & Stand team member include:

    • Intake of those who have been bullied stalked or harassed online. Rise spends hours of time on each victim, listening to their complaints, collecting evidence, and then investigating their complaint.
    • Mentoring, guiding, and listening to victims who feel lonely and helpless.
    • Look up state laws on victim rights and refer victims to informative web sites. We do not give legal advice, as we are not licensed attorneys. We show the victim their rights, and what their state laws suggest should be done when bullied, harassed, or stalked.
    • Assist victims in determining who and where the person is that is harassing them. In many cases, the perpetrator hides behind the anonymity afford by social networks. In some cases, the information is not easily accessible. In such cases, we explain the steps the victim should take to seek help.
    • Fundraising for the needy on and offline. When people approach us with a need due to a tragedy in their life, we first verify their story. Rise seeks way to fund their need with online sites such as Fundly, GoFundme, or a site the person already has set up.
    • We hold events to help raise the money in our community.
    • We sell merchandise and use the proceeds to help large charities & organizations.
    • We volunteer regularly at animal shelters, retirement homes, hospitals and charity events.
    • We take in and house abandoned pets, help get them healthy, and find them homes.
    • We research state laws to determine how victims of domestic abuse and rape can protect themselves.
    • Rise proposes changes in laws that offer only weak protection to victims by suggesting changes to Government officials.
    • Rise team members are constantly attending classes and seminars on hate crimes, acts of violence, and bullying. We keep abreast of information published on blogs, books, and any changes in laws.
    • We meet with other organizations, public figures, and businesses to sponsor each other and develop mutually supportive relationships.
    • Rise speaks at public events, churches and schools about the issues we stand against.

    What can you do to help?

    It is simple. When every individual is well educated, inspired, and empowered, then bullies, thugs, rapists, and other criminals lose their power. When laws are strengthened and supporters stand for all victims, then criminals will fear the consequences of their actions.

    Rise knows that you can help us to bring these goals to fruition by rising and standing up. Rather than sitting back and observing from afar how these perpetrators hurt their victims, why not be a part of the solution? Imagine for a moment the effect one person’s impact has on others as a domino’s effect in a chain reaction. Never underestimate the power of the individual. You can have a profound impact on the lives of others by simply doing any of the following:

    • Sign & share petitions. The more signatures the better!
    • Share & retweet Rise’s blogs on Twitter, favorite blogs, articles, comments on Facebook.
    • Do a short public service announcement video about why you support our organization. Never underestimate the power of modeling positive behavior on others. It inspires and motivates others to good.
    • Share your story of inspiration with us! People are inspired and empowered by reading or listening to others people’s stories. It motivates them to share their own story. Sharing your story inspires others to seek ways to help victims.
    • Buy merchandise and wear it in public. Not only do the proceeds from sales help charities, but also when wearing a T-shirt, bracelet or other merchandise may be it’s a great conversation starter. People will ask you, “What is R.I.S.E. & STAND?”
    • Help Rise get sponsors. Do you know a business or a celebrity that could support and help Rise raise awareness?  Tell then about us!
    • Join our team! We are always needing more volunteers, board members, sponsors, partners, and affiliates. Help us make an impact!
    • Most importantly, you can donate. We can only thrive from your donations. Your donations are directly used to educate and support victims. They are also used to support other charities, organizations, or needy families and animals in need.

    We welcome your suggestions! Or if you would like to sponsor, R.I.S.E. and STAND, please email us at help@riseandstand.net

    Thank You and God Bless,

    Kitty McCaffrey

    Founder of R.I.S.E. and STAND


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