Rise & Stand Challenge

    Rise and Stand is always working hard to raise awareness and end bullying. It’s very clear to us that the only way to reach teenagers and children is to show them that standing up against bullying & spreading love IS cool! Somewhere along the lines people started to believe, being a good person was lame. After interviewing hundreds of teens and kids, we noticed the #1 reason young people don’t stand up or speak out is because the actions are deemed “not cool.” Raising awareness against bullying can actually get you bullied we’re told by an outstanding about of teens.

    We are here to tell you rising and standing against bullying IS cool! Anytime you stand for something positive you believe in, it’s cool.

    Rise and Stand put together the #RiseandStandChallenge in efforts to raise awareness globally. With your help, we CAN do this! People ask us daily how can they get involved and help our organization. Here is your chance!

    How it Works

    All you have to do is post a seflie on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, ect) using #RiseandStandChallenge & #LoveOverBullying Place your hands in a heart shape over your chest. Feel free to use your own unique creativity. If you want to take it a step further, post a video explaining why you chose to rise and stand against bullying. Remember to end the video with your heart shaped hands over your chest. After you post your selfie or video, challenge three or more friends to do the same.


    Please do not use any nudity or profanity. Any inappropriate photos or videos will not be recognized. Your photos and videos will be posted on our website and used in advertising and promotions. If you have an questions pleas email Riseteam@RiseandStand.net


    Let’s get 100+ people to take the #RiseandStand #LoveOverBullying challenge before Sunday at 6pm. If we can reach our goal, we promise to hand out free giveaways to random sponsors and supporters.

    Let’s change the world!

    Rise & Stand Team

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