Hi! I have a quick question for you. My Organization, Rise & Stand is only a couple of weeks away from the deadline to renew our state tax exemption status and pay our quarterly dues. We are also struggling to fund all our programs since we gave too much this year. Luckily, ever three months we host an online celebrity auction to help us pay our dues. It is time for us to launch the auction.


    Our team was hoping you could donate some signed merchandise for us to auction. We would write-up press articles about your generosity in helping us reach our goals. We also auction phone calls, Skype meetings, and personalized video recordings. Those options have been successful in bringing in large donations in the past. Please let us know if you would like to help.


    You can send merchandise to 2312 Whispering Trails Pl. Winter Haven FL, 33884.  If you have any other ideas on how we can make the auction successful, feel free to call Kitty at 863-712-3832.


    Thank you so much!


    God Bless,


    Katrina (Kitty) McCaffery


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