Our Programs

    Our Programs

    Have you ever wondered where R.I.S.E. & STAND donations go? First, we donate to the charities we support http://riseandstand.net/charities/ each month. The rest of the donations are used for our programs that we work hard to make successful. Our dream is to make each of these programs as big as each charity we support. We want to save lives and change lives! That is our ultimate goal.

    Why Bully? Program


    With our “Why Bully?” program, we aim to raise awareness all over the globe and ask all children and adults, Why Bully? R.I.S.E. and STAND will speak and educate at events, schools, churches, through mentoring sessions and online about the negative impact of bullying. Our goal is that every person, regardless of age, knows the mental and physical trauma that can be caused by bullying. We want to show methods to help end bullying, through prevention, standing up and speaking out, and fun challenges that teach how to spread love.

    I’m Priceless


    The “I’m Priceless program is dedicated to helping men, women, and children escape from human trafficking rings. We also help survivors get a second chance by building back their confidence, getting education, finding jobs, receiving therapy, safe housing, and much more while raising awareness and educating to prevent human trafficking all together.

    Love IS Family


    Our “Love IS Family” program is all about helping strengthen the bond between families and helping prevent domestic abuse. Through mentoring, education, and financial support we help families through tough situations. 70% of child and domestic abuse is due to extreme stress and difficulties in the household. We try to help families work through those situations and come out on top with a tight bond and renewed respect for one another.

    Innocent Souls


    R&S donates to animal missions around the globe. We also constantly take in stray animals, give them care, and re-house them. We help  animal shelters around the US by volunteering and financial aid. Every animal created by God is an innocent soul. We believe that with all our hearts. Our mission with this program is to give all animals we can a second chance at a happy long life.
    Keep checking back as more programs are added.

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