Nominate Rise and Stand for a Shorty Award!

    A couple weeks ago a good friend of ours John Yesson aka DYJY nominated R.I.S.E. and Stand for a charity Shortly Award. If you do not know what a Shorty Award is don’t feel bad. We didn’t either when we received the first nomination. The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media, recognizing the people and organizations producing content on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and the rest of the social web. You can find our more at

    Since there are thousands of other charities on social media we were not sure if we would even have a chance. But, since we are all about raising awareness we decided to make a campaign video.

    Low and behold we moved up fast! People started spreading the word for us. Our sponsors and affiliates stepped up to show their love and support. We are now in third place for the charity Shorty Award!!! We could win this thing! Imagine the impact we could make and the people we could reach. Somewhere someone could be sitting alone thinking no one cares, no one will stand for them. Then, they find out about us and reach out. A life is changed. That’s what it’s all about it. Let’s make it happen folks!

    Nominate Rise and Stand today by clicking this link Login with your Twitter, say why you support us, and click to nominate. That’s it!

    We want to sincerely thank everyone who has helped us get this far from the bottom of of hearts.

    Sending love,

    R.I.S.E. & Stand Team

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