It’s due time to RISE & STAND! What can you do?

    The R.I.S.E. & Stand team has really been working hard lately! We wanted to take some time to clear up some misconceptions about us. Although we are completely against bullying and will always rise for those who cannot stand for themselves, we are not just an anti-bullying organization.

    All forms of bullying seem to be a growing problem, especially cyber-bullying. We need to address it as much as possible and raise awareness. Our team is very passionate about it so we promote standing up and speaking out as much as possible. However, we have several other programs besides our “Why Bully?” program that we work just as hard on.

    Currently, R.I.S.E. & Stand is teaming with Beyond Survival Inc to raise funds and help those living below the poverty level around the world. We will be traveling to various countries and places trying to rebuild from various disasters to provide relief.


    After major natural disasters, places in poverty have the hardest time rebuilding what was lost. Some villages & cities never do. Homes are ruined, hospitals and schools are lost. Most importantly, farmland is ruined. These people just do not have the funds or equipment to come back from such a tragedy.

    It seems the solution would be just to send money right? America is pretty good about raising money to send over to give the people what they need. Unfortunately, the money does not always reach the people. Funds get put into the wrong hands and typically just a band-aid is put on an infected wound. Eventually, the people are starving again. They are still living in ruins for the most part and thousands of people die for lack of simple medical care.

    FEMA 9011 Andrea Booher

    What we are not always told is how the people have to stoop to atrocious levels to make a living. This is where human trafficking, selling on the black market, and other desperate measures take place. We CAN prevent!

    Buying and bringing the people the proper farm equipment, medical supplies, vehicles, farm animals, and seeds make a huge difference. Our volunteers will help with cleanup crews, planting, and rebuilding.

    Not only will be fund and donate the proper supplies, but we will also see that they go to good use.

    In the meantime, we are networking to meet the proper people to help, recruiting volunteers and missionaries who can help, and meeting with ambassadors and Presidents who will stand behind what we do. It’s going to take a lot but it can be done! We WILL succeed.

    To see what all we do please check out and If you would like to be a part of our team, sponsor, or affiliate with us please send us an email and tell us what program you are interested in helping. You can contact us via phone by calling 863-712-3832 or email us at

    We can’t wait to change the world with YOU!

    Reach. Inspire. Support. Empower.

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