How many teen suicides will it take? R.I.P Angels.

    Carla Jamerson

    Carla Jamerson

    Friday, February 27th, 2015 14-yr-old Carla Jamerson took her own life. It was very clear to the team of Rise and Stand that young Carla took her own life because of the constant bullying she faced from Clark County School District students. Her mother Nitika Bird was aware of the harassment and bullying her daughter faced and did her best to stop it.

    Carla’s mother knew her daughter had a history of clinical depression. The bullying just made her daughters symptoms worse. No matter what she did the bullies seemed to be a step ahead. “They created a Facebook account in her name and they massacred her,” Ms. Bird said.

    Ms. Bird fought for her daughter the best way she knew how. “Over the past year, I reported my daughter’s bullying to the school dozens of times over the phone, and at least ten times in person.” Just like so many other parents in this situation, Nitika Bird’s pleas were ignored.

    “You tell people that your daughter is being bullied and they find a way to redirect it back to you.” she told her local action news.

    When Clark County School District was asked to comment they replied, “We are prohibited from commenting,” maintaining it’s illegal for school officials to disclose any personal information about students.

    This is a typical answer most schools give to cover their butts.  A Gofundme was set up for Carla’s family to help give her a funeral. Donate Here.

    There is always a Facebook page set up as a memorial for Carla. You can follow the page here:

    Ashlyn Haffner

    Ashlyn Haffner

    Thursday Feb 26th, 2015 16-yr-old Ashlyn Haffner, who went by Ash, took her own life due to bullying. In a suicide note to her mother April Quick, Ash stated, “I stayed strong as long as I could.”

    “Ash started enduring the most bullying when she cut her hair short.”Ms. Quick said.

    Ash committed suicide in the same way Ohio teen Leelah Alcorn did just months ago. Alcorn was born Joshua Alcorn.  In a suicide note posted online, Alcorn pleaded, “fix society.”

    For anyone skeptical that Ashlyn’s suicide was not due to bullying, posts by friends and classmates on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram  agreed the teen was a victim of bullying. To help Ash’s family visit



    Lamar Hawkins

    Lamar Hawkins

    September 2014 14-yr-old Lamar Hawkins took his own life after a fight with another student at Greenwood Lakes Middle School in Seminole County, FL.  An investigation was conducted to see if proof of bullying at school could be found. The investigation showed no one at the school could “provide any evidence of any bullying occurring at the school.” The boy’s parents said they repeatedly went to the school for help, saying bullies picked on their son for his size and the way he dressed.

    This is nothing rare. Actually, it is becoming quite typical for the school investigations to come back clean as a whistle. Since Rise and Stand investigates each teen suicide ourselves, we are beginning to notice a pattern. Either parent’s all around the world are blaming bullying for the child’s suicide or schools are lying to cover up the bullying and harassing taking place.

    The majority of the Rise & Stand team are parents. We try to speak to the parents and friends of all the children who take their life. Our goal is to speak to them before the issue turns into a suicide. We strongly believe that bullying is strong as ever in schools. We strongly believe it happens in front of teachers and faculty. Nevertheless, the schools try to handle it privately or sweep it under the rug so their name is not in the next headline. The school doesn’t want lawsuits, bad publicity, or students leaving. Most schools will just take their chances with bullying rather than take positive action.

    Another common pattern is the school board blaming suicides on the parents. After speaking with several guidance counselors and Principles, we learned that calling the Department of Children and Families service is one of the first steps the school makes after a child suicide. Allegations begin flying almost immediately.  At this very moment Lamar Hawkins parents are under investigation.

    Rise and Stand will not comment on rather we think there was abuse at home or not. At this point, we do not know. What we do know is that Lamar Hawkins was bullied at school. He had just been in a fight at school when he took his life. It’s clear to us that no matter what else the child had going on in his life bullying was a factor in his suicide.

    Other recent teen suicides due to bullying in just the last year include:

    Spencer Tate from Father Ryan High School. Read More..

    Multiple teen suicides in South Dakota. Read More…

    Toni Connell, 15-yrs-old commits suicide. Read More…

    Rise and Stand asks the question, how many teen/child suicides will it take before we seriously take a stand? How many deaths will it take to force schools to take bullying seriously. Every single incident. Social sites need to buckle down on bullying. Every day we hear reason why schools can’t get any tougher. We hear excuses from social media sites. Freedom of speech is used to protect bullies. It’s all plain stupid.

    Grown adults that are responsible for the well-being of children should be able to use common sense to know if someone is being bullied or not. Social media reps should have the common sense to see if a user is using an account to harass or not. It’s that easy. There is no grey area, just black and white. Stop the hate. Stop the bullying.

    Sending love,

    R.I.S.E. & Stand Team

    Reach. Inspire. Support. Empower.

    Rise and Stand Kids & Toddlers shout out for Carla Jamerson:

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