Online Fundraiser for Dogs in Urgent Need

    • 10:00am - 10:00am
    • Los Angeles

    February 10 – February 13

    Online Fundraiser for Pittie, Spirit, Max and Panther held in conjunction with Pittie’s Angel’s/Rise and Stand/So Cal Mid West Rottie Rescue

    This is a HIGHLY important fundraiser to benefit Pittie, Spirit, Panther and Max. 4 wonderful rescues, who have been rescued, rehabilitated and now are being cared for until their forever homes are identified. These dogs are under the care of Lisa Pellegrene, founder of Pittie’s Angels​ and Director of So Cal Branch – Mid West Rottweiler Rescue​ and with the help of her team member’s from Rise and Stand​’s “Innocent Soul’s Program” …as we all stand up against injustice and for animals who have been previously subjected to abuse and neglect.

    So Cal Mid West Rottie Rescue, Pittie’s Angels, and Rise and Stand encourages the public’s support as a MINIMUM of $2000 must be raised by this Friday the 13th before close of business. We MUST do this, this is the minimum so that our provider, continues to work with us, there is no where else for them to go until the right, loving homes come forward. ALL funds are going directly to the facility housing and providing medical for Pittie, Spirit, Max and Panther…we as a community are working down a $15,000 bill…. as boarding alone is $2400 a month hard costs..ALL important and this care obviously needed and worth it, as this has saved their lives and given them a second chance , in some cases a third chance for a happy ending, which they WILL get …but we need YOU..the public to RISE and STAND with us for 4 precious innocent souls:

    YOU <3 when you take a STAND WITH US, are helping these 4 precious souls <3:

    Pittie, a 4 year old Pit Bull who loves to give hugs and IS an ambassador for the breed; Spirit a 4 year old pit bull who survived after being left to starve in an abandoned locked up van with no food and water and then rescued by animal control and then by Ms. Pellegrene; Max a 4 year old rottweiler/bulldog who was abandoned by his family after they replaced him with a puppy!; and Panther, who was scheduled to die due to the shelter not having space and she was saved her too in the knick of time.

    The details: how to donate: please go to today and go to the right of the page to the donation link which takes you to the animal hospital’s paypal info, donations can then be made by paypal, or credit card through this online platform (from the aforementioned website). If you would like to make a donation directly to the hospital by calling, please speak with Tony, the hospital administrator and make your credit card payment by phone to: 424.835.2950 OR 310-398-7256. If Tony is unavailable at the time of your call, please feel free to speak with the receptionist and let them know to apply your donation to the So Cal Mid West Rottweiler Rescue account, c/o Lisa Pellegrene. Online is easiest for all of course so if you wish to donate online, please do so and email if any tech glitches! ALSO, since ALL is going straight to the animal hospital, please post your donation or message: Lisa Pellegrene, so we can track AND do a countdown to our goal. This IS essential, PLEASE do so immediately after you donate.

    Special thanks to Katrina McCaffery​ and my other team members from @Rise and Stand for helping me to support this important cause and these precious lives!!!


    Author - Rise & Stand Team

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