Downside of Becoming an Online Activist by Kitty McCaffery

    I have mentioned in prior blogs the harassment I have faced and my team over the years since we launched Rise & Stand. We never could have imagined the abuse we would face online for raising awareness on various causes and giving our opinions. Sure, we were not gullible enough to think we would not anger some folks. We were just not prepared for the number of hate-filled trolls that loom on the internet.

    Before launching Rise & Stand in 2015, I mostly kept my opinions to myself or would discuss them with friends and family. Sometimes I saw these on social media that outraged me and would post my thoughts. I was never much for blogging because, honestly, I didn’t have the time for it.  Most readers know I have 4 children of my own and am involved with various functions at my church. I also have a husband disabled with uncontrolled seizures due to his PTSD. I have the fortunate blessing of getting to work from home but sometimes that can be overwhelming with little ones running around. It wasn’t until my kids got older that I had a little freer time to follow my dream of running an organization. I wanted to share my story. I wanted to raise awareness about causes that I was learning so much about. I was very sheltered growing up and didn’t watch much TV. I didn’t go out to movies, visit the mall, or popular hangouts like other teens. My life consists of work, church, and home. If you would like to read more, please visit My Story.

    After I created Rise & Stand, is when I started researching some of the biggest issues we face in the US and worldwide. I set up Google News to alert me on various topics of interest because I didn’t want to miss out on anything. Every story I read left me wondering, what could we do? How could we change laws? How could we make people see how out of control things have become? How could we get people to stand up and fight for what is right? Most importantly, how could we help people in our own communities? I am from Central Florida. We live slap dab in the middle of Orlando and Tampa. A short drive around town will show you an unbelievable amount of homeless people. We have stray animals everywhere. Prostitution is wide spread despite the police acting as if it’s all under control. Last year, 144 people were arrested in our area for human trafficking.

    114 arrested in Polk County human trafficking, prostitution sting

    I don’t know about you but as a mother, I am terrified of what our world has become. We live outside the city and still have out of control crime rates. In my subdivision alone, we have 6 sexual predators. I’m not talking about people arrested for indecent exposure or having relations with someone a year younger than them. These predators have multiple charges for raping or having relations with minors under 16.  When we were looking to get a new home, one of the first things we did was look at the sex offenders in the area. Every single home we saw was surrounded. There seems to be no safe place to live anymore. I can’t even imagine what it is like in major cities. Following local news, we hear of school teachers getting arrested, police officers, church leaders, daycare owners, etc. It can really make you paranoid and just want to stay at home where hopefully, you will be safe. But, is that any way to live? I spoke about these issues on a BlogTalkRadio show and listeners where able to call him and voice their opinion. Many people said this was nothing new and it’s been this way since the beginning of time. Most seemed to believe it was due to our massive population as to why we seem to have more crime now. I must disagree. I am only 35 years old but I clearly remember as a child that stories like I mentioned were few and far between. I know some will say that since we now have the internet, we hear more things than we did say, in the 90’s.  I don’t know, I feel like it is more than that. How many readers can agree that the world just seems darker than ever? I am sure it is due to the decline in morality and virtue. I believe this is due to the new age concept that we are all gods of some sort and nothing is our fault. The blame game seems to be everyone’s fall back in this overwhelming narcissistic society. There is also the fact that our children are targeted at a young age with filthy music, TV shows, movies, advertisements, and worse of all, the internet.  To dive in even further, we have the bodily and mental health issues due to chemicals in our food and drinking water. According to statistics, 350 million people suffer from depression. The pharmaceutical companies are getting beyond rich off mental and behavior illnesses.

    I believe if you combine just those issues alone together, you get an answer for what is wrong with our world today. So, we are back to the question of what can we do? I feel like the only thing we can do is wake up our people. I would have to say I became “woke” in late 2015. I do not feel like I was ever a sheep, it’s just that I wasn’t educated on everything that was happening around our globe. I was ignorant to just how out of hand things were and the players behind it. I am by no means and expert on any subject. I am still learning like the rest of us who care.

    Since main stream media cannot be trusted, I turned to YouTube where other concerned citizens voiced their opinions and shared their research. I had only ever used my personal YouTube channel for family videos along with things I wanted to show my friends and family who lived out of state. Once I started to learn how innocent children videos could be stolen and used online, I had to remove most of my vids. It seems that nothing is sacred or safe. The first YouTubers I started watching was A Call for an Uprising, Titus Frost, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Pockets of the Future, David Seaman, Echo Truths, The Vigilant Christian, Paul Joseph Watson, Upper Bandwidth, and SGT Report. For well over a year I was dedicated to these channels. Of course, I did not always agree with everything that was said. A lot of the time I didn’t completely agree. However, it helped keep me up to date on hot topics and I love hearing other people’s opinions and reading the comments. For a couple of years, I just soaked it all in using what I learned in blogs, social media post, podcast, and conversations with friends. Sometimes I would comment and share a thought but I never really reached out to anyone I watched.

    Whenever a topic pulled at my heart stings or hit close to home, I would research it myself and find out everything I could. Like so many others, Pizzagate / Pedogate really fired me up. I spoke to several members of the Rise team asking what we could do to help. We thought about protest and rallies but when I called my city looking for a venue, we were turned down repeatedly. This REALLY made me angry and suspicious. I wanted to know all I could about this possible elite pedophile ring that was clearly being covered up. I decided to reach out to some of the Youtubers that I was watching. I spoke to Paul Romano, J Noir, Richie From Boston, and a few others. Somewhere around the beginning of 2017, something odd happened on YouTube. It may be due to Pizzagate or the exposure of fake news, I don’t know what caused it but my faith in the YouTube community was shattered. If any of my readers spend a decent amount of time on YouTube, you probably know what I am talking about. Everyone began turning on each other. People who were loyal Alex Jones subscribers were now saying he was a dis-info agent or paid “shill”. Same for Mark Dice and Paul Watson for their association. Eventually, just about everyone who had a channel with an opinion on news topics or going over their research was a shill. Everyone was being called a Zionist, Government Operative, spy, or shill. I got very caught up in it all since using YouTube for research was important to me. I became paranoid like so many others. Who could be trusted? What was their agenda? Would watching these channels somehow put me at risk? The Youtubers themselves were also getting threats and strikes on their channels. Everything was just a mess. The community became a joke and seem to play right into main stream media’s plan. After much prayer and meditation, I decided I was going to watch who and what I wanted. Nothing was going to change for me over gossip. I could still watch the videos I wanted with same frame of mind I used when watching them before. It’s no different to me then listening to a Pastor preach. He/She is telling you their opinion based on their research of The Bible. I listen with an open mind but at the end of the day, I will choose to believe what I feel in my heart.

    While all this is taking place, I was invited into a “Truth Army” created by a dear friend I had met through YouTube. I thought, this was AMAZING! What a great way to meet other researchers, other activist, other people who want to make a difference. While in the chat room I met some great people but I also met some people that were not so lovely. I was invited by a couple Youtubers to speak my opinions and share my research on their channels. This was exactly the type of thing I wanted. After all, Rise & Stand is all about raising awareness about various issues. I discussed with people in the group what some of the hottest topics were or unsolved cases. It was exciting to have fellow sleuths helping me out. Up till that point, I had only done research with the Rise & Stand team.

    I naively assumed, that the group would be open-minded, enjoy debate, and be accepting of people’s beliefs. That is what everyone claimed. After doing a few videos with fellow Youtubers I found out fast that people are NOT open-minded, they do not want debate, they want you to agree with them, and your beliefs are thrown in your face if you don’t accept what they say as fact.

    Now, because of my job, I am considered a public figure. My Sis made a Facebook page for me and got it verified. I’m on IMDB for some work I did and I have my websites. I say that because I’m an open book. I’m very transparent and my information is out there for anyone to see. Because of my line of work and opinions, I have gained some haters of the years. If you go on the radio talking about your Christian Bible believing views, you are going to get haters. If you work with or for a celeb, you gain their haters. My clients are listed on my business website and some of them on my IMDB. That makes me a target from all their haters. In the past, I’ve openly spoke about my abuse as a child, domestic abuse I went through with my ex-husband, my one and only time getting arrested for a misunderstanding, and even the molestation I experienced as a teen.  I have never had a problem using my experience to relate with another or raise awareness about issues. I feel as though each dark issue in my past made me who I am today. Nevertheless, being open about your life can come back to bite you when you upset the wrong people. This is exactly what happened when I went over my research publicly on YouTube.

    Immediately, people who disagreed with me began their attacks. A decent majority of this “Truth” group turned on me using my past against me. They went as far as to create a story that I now was a Government operative. I was specifically called an NOC (non-official cover). I didn’t even know what it was until a friend told me. The story goes that I was a paid plant to spy on the YouTube truth community and get information about people or maybe to cover up the truth. I’ve heard both. First off, I’m pretty sure from watching Criminal Minds and NCIS that is the Government wanted to know who someone is, they could find it out way quicker than I could. Second, if they Government wanted to distract people from truth (which they do all the time) then, they would find someone far more successful with a bigger reach than me. The latest allegation I heard was that I help talented children get famous and send them off to Hollywood to be molested and mind controlled.

    How many times over the years have I exposed Hollywood for the filth surrounding it? I have only been to L.A. once myself when visiting a friend in Malibu. He took me sightseeing. The place is nothing like I expected or what you see on TV. Many it looks like our ghettos. Within this organization I have spoken about Corey Feldman’s statement on Hollywood pedophilia. I have spoken about some of the horror stories I heard on the casting couch. We discussed rumors circulating around Michael Jackson and various celebs. I am aware of the horrors that take place in Hollywood. I’m also aware of the subliminal messages and brain washing that comes out of Hollywood. The trends that started and the pure manipulation aimed at our youth. For 14 years the name of my company was Hollyweb Online. When I became “woke” I changed that. Not only because I didn’t care for the affiliation but also because my job as little to do with Hollywood. I work with independent artist who have a dream. I book them gigs doing concerts, public speaking, commercials, and acting roles. I have yet had a client tell me that a job I got them forced them to do something inappropriate or caused them grief. I have only ever worked representing one child and that was Grace Anna who I spoke about on this website several times. I was hired by her mother Angie who is a member of this organization. She wanted her daughters story heard on the radio and they both wanted to do public speaking. I got them gigs at churches. Never sent them to Hollywood or anyone affiliated with it.

    On my official website, I have a tab in the menu that takes you to my conspiracy corner website. There I talk about the horrors of Hollywood and things I have learned over the years. My question to these people who want to rag on me for working as an entertainment manager and PR is, should be not be able to act, sing, do stand-up comedy, or make a living off their talent because of corruption in the industry?

    The public-school system is massively corrupt. Every week it seems another teacher is arrested. They teach lies beyond lies to our children. The history books cover up the truth and spread lies that have been long debunked. Science class is the biggest crock and just keeps getting worse. Common core has our kids confused and suffering. Do you still send your kids to school?

    Do you take your kids to movies or allow them to watch TV? Do you let them play on your smart phone or tablets? Do your children drink bottled water or eat processed foods? How about fruits and veggies sprayed with pesticides? Do you take your child to the park where perverts might go sit to watch children play?

    Are you getting my point? It is so easy for people to hide behind a screen name on social media or YouTube and troll others. People who have nothing better to do than try to make someone’s life hell because they disagree with them. People who call themselves truth warriors and defenders of children but never go out and do anything to make a difference. I understand that some people have illnesses or disabilities where they cannot go out to rallies, or pass out brochures. I understand some people do not have the funds to donate to organizations and campaigns that can actively do something.  But, there are not limited that CAN do things and choose not to. They would rather hide behind their computer creating false stories about people who are actively working to make a difference and waste valuable time sharing their narrative with paranoid people.

    I am glad that I could discover who in the online truth community really cared about our children. People who will not stop until their voice is heard and everyone is aware of the corruption surrounding us all. People who will take time out of the day or weekend to spread awareness throughout their town. People who will give their last dollar to people in need. I realized quickly that not everyone shares that same passion. A clear majority use the community for pure entertainment, causing trouble, bullying and harassment. That is a troll.

    The name of this organization is R.I.S.E. & Stand for a reason. Reach, inspire, support, empower. We won’t let haters, trolls, or ignorant individuals knock us down. We will rise and stand for those who need our help and can’t face their difficulties alone. We will be a voice for the silent, we will be the love for those who are hurting, we will be fight for those who feel life giving up.

    Much love,




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