R&S Amazing Person Pick Jayecane

     Jerome Canady better known as JayeCane is an inspirational hip-hop artist from Milwaukee Wisconsin currently residing in Atlanta Georgia. He rose to fame in 2017 with his album ‘Red Moon’.JayeCane had a rough upbringing losing his mother when he was just a child and being raised by a drug dealing father. However, he chose not …..

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    Amazing Person of the Week- Leah Parsons

    Making Leah Parsons Amazing Person of the Week is long overdue. Early last year we spoke to Ms. Parsons for the first time. We were in awe the entire conversation. Leah is brave, tenacious, and strong-willed and well, amazing. Leah’s daughter Rehtaeh Parsons attempted suicide by hanging on April 4th 2013 at her home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, …..

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    Story of Grace Anna Inspirational Toddler & Miracle Child.

    -Originally Posted On April 25, 2014- Story of Grace Anna Inspirational Toddler & Miracle Child. APRIL 25, 2014 BY R.I.S.E & STAND LEAVE A COMMENT Every child is beautiful, unique and a blessing from God. All children should be loved and respected but once in awhile a child comes along that just steals our heart …..

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