We are heartbroken but will rise above it!

    It seems yesterday or website was hacked and completely deleted. The hackers even removed the back up files. We do not understand why people have to try and hurt others but that’s exactly what our organization is all about. Anyhoo, the website is up and running again. We will be doing our best to add …..

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    Adult Bullies VS Child Bullies

    Originally posted May 07, 2014 Adult Bullies VS Child Bullies We all remember those couple of kids from our youth as early as kindergarten that bullied other kids relentlessly. No one really liked him/her but  he/she still had “friends”. Not real friends like you and me but the kind that decided if you can’t beat …..

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    If It Happened to Rehtaeh, It Could Happen to Anyone by: Leah Parsons

    -Originally posted MAY 9, 2014-   My daughter Rehtaeh Parsons committed suicide last year at the young age of seventeen. At a time when Rehtaeh was developing who she would become, she was socially assassinated for making the mistake that many teens make; she experimented with alcohol. One night changed her life forever and I can …..

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