AMAZING “PERSONS” OF THE WEEK -Featuring Team of KonectIDY

    Originally Posted MAY 1, 2014

    This week R.I.S.E. & STAND has decided to do something a little different. Instead of choosing just one person we have chose a organization as our Amazing “Persons” of the Week. We are introducing to you KonectIDY! They are an organization that makes bracelets with a customizable language of color unique to each cause; yet can be shared with as many people as you want. They offer the ability for people to buy your organizations bracelet design(s), and konect to your charity. Ultimately sharing your positive message with the world!   konectKonectIDY was founded by two amazing men, Peter Ettenborough and Tony Peluso. Both men were happy with their jobs before but they just didn’t feel like they were doing exactly what God had intended. They wanted to do something BIG that made an impact in today’s world, something positive and empowering that could be a great help to others. KonectIDY was built with a vision to give the world a product they could wear that would not only help various charities financially but also help spread their cause while allowing the person wearing the bracelets to express themselves for exactly who they are. Each bracelet gives the individual a voice of positive expression.





    “KonectIDY launched in the Summer of 2013, KonectIDY LLC offers Non-Profit Organizations and Individuals the opportunity express themselves for exactly who they are, in exactly the way they want, via a language of color. This expression takes the form of a color-coded bracelet unique to its creator and the cause they choose to support. The company was born from three simple questions – “WHY”, “Why Not” and “Imagine If”. – KonectIDY Team

    If you are a non-profit organization you can visit their website at and create an account for your organization. Once account is created you can start making your own unique bracelet that represents your charity! You are able to tell your story and your mission. People all over the world are able to see your organization and purchase your bracelet to show their support for your organization! How cool is that? Each bracelet has it’s own unique color code that is very important. You can read about what it all means here: Let’s say you are an individual that has a passion to help save animals. You can visit KonectIDY and search organizations that protect animals from cruelty. Once you find an organization you love and would like to support, you can either chose to purchase the signature bracelet the organization made or you can create your own bracelet under their organization. That way you can still support your favorite charity but not have to sacrifice the way you want to express yourself. For example, you might love a certain organization but not be too fond of their official colors. No worries! KonectIDY allows you to still purchase under your favorite organization but customize their bracelet to your liking. Maybe you’re a man who wants to show your loved one battling breast cancer support but you’re not to big on having to wear an all pink bracelet. You can customize the bracelet just how you like!


    KonectIDY is a company with the spirit of “paying it forward” for both individuals and charities…in whatever colorful way you choose.

    “We call it a personal URL or hashtag that you wear on your wrist, we call it a unique color-coded language that happens to be a bracelet and we call it a colorful Konection to the world – but ultimately we call it our mission in life.- KonectIDY Team”

    So far KonectIDY has over 60 organizations on board but has access to over 100 million!! It won’t be long until their bracelets are so well known that people we see each other wearing them and know right away the person is wearing a KonectIDY bracelet. What a great conversation starter! “I see you are wearing a KonectIDY bracelet. What cause do you support?” Remember you can wear more than one bracelet too! Go ahead and fill your arm up with each cause you want the world to know you are supporting. What an excellent way to show others what you are passionate about in your own way while raising awareness and funding your favorite organization. We think Peter & Tony had an excellent idea and found a remarkable way to help charities & causes all around the world be heard and supported. As you know R.I.S.E. & STAND is all about Reaching, Supporting, Inspiring, and Empowering and that is exactly what KonectIDY is doing for people everywhere all across the globe! If You would like to buy a R.I.S.E. & STAND bracelet and show your support for us we have a few for you to choose from. Thank You KonectIDY for all the wonderful things you do for charities all across the globe! God Bless you! R.I.S.E. &STAND TEAM

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