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    This week the board has chosen our ambassador/spokesman Ryan Upchurch aka Upchurch The Redneck as our Amazing Person of the Week! Ryan has only been a part of R.I.S.E. & Stand for a couple months but he has helped in so many ways already. There is over 7 billion on the Earth but only a few decide they want to make an impact. Few work hard to better the life of others, Ryan is one of them.

    How does our team describe Ryan Upchurch? He is a brilliant, hilarious, tenacious young man. When Ryan wants something, he goes after it and nothing stands in the way of his goals. Negativity does not weigh Ryan down. Anyone who has ever spent time in the limelight knows that fame comes with it’s fair share of haters. At times, it can be too much for young talent on the rise. However, Ryan doesn’t let it bother him. He has a clear understanding of what comes with being in the spotlight.

    What does frustrate Upchurch? He may be able to take his fair share of abuse but he can’t stand seeing his fans bullied by another. A sure fire way to be blocked by the comedian is get caught harassing one of his fans.

    Ryan Upchurch is the type of man who stands up for what he believes in and is willing to take a stand for another.

    When he joined Rise and Stand he asked us, “What can I do to help?” We explained to him how each program needed funding. We need to promote what we do and raise awareness. We need to make an impact by having as many people possible stand up for what we do to end bullying, domestic abuse, animal cruelty, human trafficking, and other acts of cruelty.

    Unlike any other we have ever seen, Ryan jumped into gear! He created an exclusive fan club people could pay to join. Ryan gives 80% to Rise and Stand’s programs and saves 20% to fund his trips to visit fans.

    What exactly has Ryan done in one month for Rise & Stand? The help from Ryan and his fans brought home three young girls from a human trafficking ring. 11 needy families had their homes stocked with groceries, school supplies and clothing were given to several children in need, the first shipment of medical supplies was sent to local clinic, and a litter of puppies that needed vet care and homes are now happily living with their new families.

    That’s just one month! What are Ryan’s plans for the future? He wants to help bring more women & children home from sex trafficking rings. He wants to help schools all over the US get anti-bullying programs. Most important, he wants to help as many people as possibly get a second chance in life after natural disasters or tragedies break them down.

    How many 23-year-old men do you know doing all those things? If that is not enough, Ryan helps people all over the world laugh every day. He works a full time job, helps with several charities, meets fans all over the US, and still makes time to post videos as much as possible to keep people laughing and brighten their day.

    How much more amazing can one person get! That is why we chose him and are so thankful to have Ryan Upchurch as part of the team. If you would like to join his fan club and help out our mission just click on this link Soon, we will post a full video interview with Upchurch. Keep checking our website for that exclusive piece.

    For more information on comedian Ryan Upchurch check out these following links:

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