Amazing Person of the Week – T-Roy Broussard


    You may have heard of T-Roy Broussard from History channel’s Swamp People or from the FLW TOUR PRO bass tournament series. Our founder, Katrina (Kitty) McCaffery met T-Roy online in 2014 and did a little work for him. Immediately, they became friends. T-Roy was one of the most down to Earth people Kitty ever met according to her.

    “He was super sweet right from the beginning. Even though T-Roy was busy during the time we met, he took time to talk with me and learn a little about me. He was very interested in my organization and offered to help us out. Unlike other celebrities in the spotlight, T-Roy was true to his word and mailed out autograph photos to sale in our charity auction.”- Kitty M.

    Over the year, T-Roy sent Kitty several signed items and merchandise to help fund R.I.S.E. & Stand’s programs. In November 2014, our organization was able to raise $1500.00 for needy families to help them have a suitable Thanksgiving dinner. With T-Roy’s help we were able to help 11 families have a happy holiday.

    The following month T-Roy asked us if he could help out with any other programs. We told him about the special Christmas auction we were having to buy clothes & toys for children in local shelters. Within days, T-Roy sent us more items to place in the auction. With his help and the help of others we surprised 22 children with Christmas gifts.

    This year, T-Roy helped us with our Easter baskets for needy children program. He also donates $100 a month to whichever program we have that needs some help. When we receive donations we always try to split the funds up between all our programs. To see a complete list of our programs visit; Our Programs We also help support several other charities. You can view the list of charities we help here; Charities We Support

    T-Roy doesn’t just help out our organization. He also visits children with illnesses and helped the Children’s Miracle Network where he made a little girl with a brain tumor very happy. He really enjoyed helping The Wounded Warriors organization where he was able to give wounded warrior families air boat rides. T-Roy spends time giving love and support to children with autism. He tries his best to be there to support his fans when they need it.

    Thousands of fans would agree that T-Roy is an AMAZING man and a blessing to many. We can definitely say he is a blessing to our organization and the people we are able to help.

    That is why our team chose to make T-Roy Broussard our Amazing Person of the Week. In honor of our buddy T-Roy, we challenge everyone to be a blessing to someone else after reading this. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. Sometimes just an unexpected hug, a phone call, or a simple “I love you” can make a big positive impact in someones life.

    We want to give T-Roy a huge THANK YOU for all he has done and continues to do. It is people like him that allow us to do all we do.

    Sending love to all,

    The R.I.S.E. & Stand Team

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