AMAZING Person of the Week Rob McDowall @robmcd85

    Originally Posted Aug 20, 2014

    AMAZING Person of the Week Rob McDowall @robmcd85



    Since I met Rob McDowall on Twitter, he has been one of the most kind, thoughtful, and caring people I have personally ever met. Although he is a busy man he always finds time to help or my organization whenever I need him.

    That is not what the team decides to choose him for “Amazing Person of the Week” though. Rob captivated us with his inspiring, blunt, and raw blogs. Daily, our team looks forward to Rob’s post because we know whatever topic he writes about he does it with passion and doesn’t candy coat what he wants to say. His news is always more accurate and to the point then any other blogger I know.

    Some of our favorite blogs from The Huffington Post, Rob contributed. McDowall lives in Glasgow, United Kingdom so some of his stories center on issues that are going on in his area but we still recommend everyone read them. Every single blog Rob writes will empower you to want to be a better person, to want to make a difference, and stand up for something.

    A New Caledonia: Scottish Band in Single Release for Scottish Foodbanks

    Do Twitter Do Enough? My ‘Clones’ and Relentless Abuse

    Stitch on the Black Triangles and Be Done With It!

    Seven Free Services No Charity Can Live Without

    Eating Disorders… on a Scale From One to Hell…

    To Catch a Predator

    Like most of us, Rob has been attacked online by bullies and trolls. He’s been impersonated on Twitter more than any person I know but he’s taken it like a champ and continues lift up others.

    How many people do you know that could handle the type of abuse seen in the picture and keep on going without ever slowing down? Much less continue to empower others and stand up for what he believes in. You can read all his blogs here:

    Want to be empowered daily the same way we are, check out all of Rob’s pages!

    Contact Rob at
    Huffington Post:

    Thanks for reading! If you know someone who deserves to be the “Amazing Person of the Week” please email us at

    Kitty McCaffery

    Founder of R.I.S.E. & STAND

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