AMAZING person of the week- Jaime Primak Sullivan

    Originally Posted September 04, 2014

    AMAZING person of the week- Jaime Primak Sullivan

    Jaime Primak Sullivan @JaimePrimak

    This week R.I.S.E. & STAND chose Jaime Primak as our, “AMAZING PERSON OF THE WEEK” because well, she is AMAZING! As you all know, we like to pick people who inspire us, empower us and spread love to others. Jaime does all those things on a daily basis.

    Jaime is a PR for celebs just like our founder Kitty. She is also a producer.  She lives a very busy life managing her job, three kids, while also being an awesome wife to her husband Michael. However, she finds the time every morning to host what she calls “Cawfee Tawk”  for her fans, correction, friends as she likes to call her thousands of followers.

    Our entire team loves to watch her Cawfee Talks each morning and looks forward to them as we start our day. These short video messages Jaime puts up for us all talk about lessons she has learned, thoughts that crossed her mind through the previous day, or just something weighing on her heart she wants to tell us all about.



    Every video posted is funny, empowering, and will make you think.

    Jaime also manages to find time throughout her day to jump on social media and spread some love with her friends. She lifts people up, prays for them, sends compliments, and just gives her time and support to her followers. People can relate to her and we have seen numerous comments from people claiming they feel like they have known Jaime for years or she makes them feel so comfortable.

    Imagine if we all did that. Imagine if we were so open and honest that people felt completely comfortable with us and let go of all their insecurities when around us. Imagine what the world would be like if throughout the day, every day we complimented people, showed them a little love and appreciation, or just took a minute to listen and support.

    Just think how happier we would all be if instead of talking about who is prettier, skinnier, more talented, more popular, or whatever and we all just started talking about what goodness we see in others and didn’t bring up their faults.

    Jaime challenges us all to do those things every day. Just this week we have heard her say, “Tell someone, anyone, that you love them today.” and “Call someone up that you have bitterness with or are holding resentment against and just tell them you forgive them.” We all hear those things and think; wow, she is such a great woman! We admire her, support her but how many of us walk away from our computers, and do what Jaime challenges?”


    On behalf of Jaime, R.I.S.E. & STAND challenges you show Jaime you really agree with what she says and that her words inspire you to be a better person. Let’s all let her know how much she has touched our hearts and lives. If you accept the challenge, there are just two steps.

    1. Follow Jaime on Twitter at Instagram and Facebook Let her know how much you love and appreciate her.

    2. Take a stand against bullying today, tell at least 5 people you love them, if someone has hurt you, let them know you forgive them, and last help just one person in need.

    Do you realize we could start a movement?! It can be done. Look at how massive the ice bucket challenge was along with other types of challenges where people all worked together to show how much they cared. It’s amazing they money that was raised and the people who will be helped out of those challenges but just imagine what it would be like if the movement was just about loving one another? Similar to the pay it forward campaign but instead of just doing good deeds let’s also openly spread love to one another.

    We believe we can make this happen and if you need a nudge to help you get started, just follow Jaime and watch her morning “Cawfee Tawks” and of course her show “Jersey Belle.

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