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    Carlos Jonathon Villalobos Jr. is a Grammy-nominated musician, producer and songwriter. He is most famous for his albums Esperanza and Esperanza Vol.2 He also composed the theme song to “Baywatch Hawaii”. Carlos is a performer or writer for over 38 TV shows soundtracks. Music and lyrics flow through Carlos like a six sense. That is why he has four solo “band” projects, Esperanza, Angry Chiwawah, InnerFace, and the newest Super Loaded. Carlos writes, performs, produces, engineers and mixes all the music.

    Some may know Carlos as CJVilla which is a stage name he uses often. If his amazing talent for writing songs isn’t enough to make him super unique, he also is a self taught Grammy nominated flamenco guitarist. He plays piano, drums, bass guitar, violin, cello, accordion and a variety of wind instruments. OMG!

    He also doesn’t limit himself to a specific genre. Carlos is known for writing and performing Rock, alternative rock, industrial rock, pop, jazz, Latin, electronica, and classical.

    He is pretty much a musical genius to say the least.

    Although his talent alone is enough to call him amazing, we chose Carlos for “Amazing Person of the Week” because is his humanitarian heart. In 2014, he helped “The Downtown Foundation” kids with Down syndrome on their own short film called THE CURSE OF THE TEMPEST JEWEL.

    Carlos is a board member of Lawyers for Creative Arts where he helps assist artist with legal matters.

    He volunteers at Creative Arts for Children where he creates music albums with the kids. All sales go to Children’s Funds. He spends weekends working with kids on art or music projects, and teaching those skills on computers, etc.

    In 2011 he was a part of the LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation fundraiser. He assisted with organizing events, raising awareness and donations for the cause.

    Recently, Carlos joined Rise & Stand to help us raise awareness and share ideas about ending all acts of cruelty.

    We believe Carlos is a perfect choice for our “Amazing Person of the Week” and we are happy to have him on the team!

    Become a fan of Carlos by following him on social media below. You can learn more about him by visiting his official website.









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